Graduate students and postdocs interested in pursuing research in process geomorphology and sedimentology are encouraged to apply to join our group. We welcome candidates from a wide array of academic backgrounds including geosciences, mathematics, and engineering. Motivated students and postdocs are encouraged to directly contact Vamsi Ganti to discuss opportunities.

Interdisciplinary research is encouraged and thrives at UCSB, and members of the UCSB Surface Processes Group are welcome to forge collaborations with faculty and staff across the campus. UCSB has a strong focus on many closely-related fields to geomorphology and sedimentology such as hydrology, remote sensing, environmental science, fluid mechanics, ecology, geobiology and stratigraphy. In addition to the information provided here and on the webpage of department of Geography, please visit the webpages of the departments of Earth Science, Environmental Studies, Statistics and Applied Probability, Mechanical Engineering, the Earth Research Institute and the Bren School on Environmental Science and Management to gain a broader perspective of closely-related research.

Graduate Student Opportunities

I am currently accepting applications for graduate students to begin in Fall 2019. Department of Geography accepts applications for graduate student admissions for the Fall Quarter ONLY. The deadline for the submission of applications is December 15th. Please click on the link below for information regarding department admission criteria and evaluation process.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Motivated candidates interested in pursuing their postdoctoral research in our group are encouraged to directly contact Vamsi Ganti to discuss research interests and funding opportunities. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students interested in assisting and leading research related to surface processes are encouraged to directly contact Vamsi Ganti. I anticipate ample research opportunities for undergraduates to assist and lead projects upon the completion of the Experimental Sedimentology Laboratory. Please click on the link below to explore campus research opportunities, funding, and programs for undergraduates.